Target Tip

28 Mar

Ok, I know you love Target.  Everyone loves Target, especially because you can get cheap E.L.F. makeup, a new top and a frying pan all in one place.

BUT do you have the Red card?  I’m not talking about the credit card.  Do not get another credit card.  Those are bad news bears.  I’m talking about the debit card that auto-withdrawals from your checking.  Let’s face it, you are going to use your debit card anyway.


So this is how you get it:

Next time you go to target, bring your check book.  When the nice cashier asks if you want to save 5% yaddayaddda, say “Why yes, good sir.”

Then they run your routing and checking info, give you a temp card and Voila!

 You will now save 5% every time you shop at Target.  

It also gives you free shipping for online purchases, if you are into that sorta thing.


2 Responses to “Target Tip”


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