Dupe War #4 – Urban Decay Primer Potion vs NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

12 Apr

“Fairy Godmother, I have all these great eyeshadows but they just don’t last.  What do I do!?”

My dears – we have your solution right here!  And of course we have a cheap way to save your face, no matter how exciting your life may be.

Using a primer for eyeshadows is so important.  Have you ever been disappointed after spending $$ on eyeshadows only to find they don’t really look like they did in the container?  Or have you ever spent forever on your eyeshadow only to go out and find that you had so much fun that your eyeshadow mysteriously disappeared?

We want you to wake up the next morning to see the photos people took of you on their camera phones doing dumb things while completely hammered and help soften the blow of  by making sure you at least look good.

Original –  Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) for $20


What it is:
A sheer nude eye shadow primer with a cult following.

What it does:
Eyeshadow Primer Potion is an ultra-sheer, totally nude base that glides onto the skin. The original, award-winning formula disappears instantly and is the ultimate eye prep for smoother, more vibrant shadow and all-day wear with absolutely no creasing. (Sephora)

The Dupe – NYX HD Eyeshadow Base for $7.00


What it is:

Prep your eyelids with this lightweight eye makeup primer that evens skin tone, smooths lines and ensures lasting makeup application. The High Definition Eye Shadow Base conceals creases and pumps up the vibrancy of your eye shadow.

What it does (our review):

The NYX HD eyeshadow works just as well as Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The only real difference we have noticed is that it goes on a bit wetter.  Just like UDPP you have to a wait a couple minutes for it to dry before you put on your eye makeup.  Also, it is important to not to not buy the NYX primer in the little pot, it barely does anything.  Don’t make the mistake and waste your money on it like we did.


The only thing that Urban Decay has that NYX doesn’t is different shades of primers.  The NYX shadow base comes in one nude color, whereas Urban Decay has 4 differing shades – Original, Eden, Sin, and Greed.

Hold on, let me do the math for you-

1 tube of the Urban Decay Primer Potion would cost you $20, the NYX HD Eyeshadow base runs between $6 and $7.   They carry it at Ulta so you can often times get its for 50% off or use your 20% off coupon.  Just call ahead, as it’s often out of stock.   BECAUSE IT IS FLIPPIN’ AWESOME.  Some Targets carry NYX products – we recommend using this handy, dandy store locator.  

So if you want amazing looking peepers get your cute ‘lil selves some NYX eyeshadow primer!  Also, check out our blog for other helpful money saving tips that help you look like the hot little boss we know you are.

As always, we love to hear about your experiences with products we have mentioned or if you have products you love and want tell us about please do so.

So go forth lovely ladies, don’t be ugly step sisters.


12 Responses to “Dupe War #4 – Urban Decay Primer Potion vs NYX HD Eyeshadow Base”

  1. Katie Marie September 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    I completely agree about the primer pot.. It’s awful. I love nyx products though and think they have awesome shadow pots and lip products. I love your blog, it’s wicked cute.

  2. yourfairygodmother January 23, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    This is a very AMAZING review of several Primers. This once again proves that NYX is awesome sauce.

  3. yourfairygodmother October 23, 2014 at 3:18 pm #

    Reblogged this on Your Fairy Godmother and commented:

    Throwback Thursday Post. One of our favorites!

    • Geenah November 25, 2014 at 10:11 pm #

      Hi Fairy 🙂 I have tried so many different eyeshadow Primers. I must be a Queen of them. ELF $1 primer used to be amazing. Now it’s only good for a cool Summer evening if your going for a walk on the boardwalk and wearing a very nude (light weight) color eyeshadow. I was swearing by NYX, in the Black tube but, now I’ve noticed it doesn’t work for UD, eyeshadows. The last time I did use them together all the eyeshadow was clumped in the center of my lids. Yes, I did let the primer dry. I absolutely, love UD, original eyeshadow potion. My eyeshadow lasts from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and still looks beautiful, when I am removing the shadow. The one I absolutely, HATED was UD Eden (Matte.) it was horrible. I put it on at 7:00 am and reached work at about 8:00 am. When I looked in the mirror all my eyeshadow was gone and I had two very oily eyelids. Thank God, all for of them came as tested in the NAKED 3 Pallete. I didn’t want to give up on it so I tried it as a lip primer and it actually, worked lovely. I am currently, trying the Aging-primer, which is also good. I haven’t tried SIN, yet. That’s my next quest. I purchased the Original one because, it is still my favorite. I keep one NYX Eyeshadow, primer at work and I have a brand new one in my house for use with my MAC, makeup. Strange how differently, things work for one thing but, not another. Doesn’t matter to much because, like I said t have so many different kinds that each one is probably, good for some other beauty cosmetics. Thanks, for your review. I love reading about what other people think about products that are amazing. Be well.

  4. Marty Davis November 24, 2016 at 5:26 pm #

    The NYX shadow base is not a primer and isn’t going to perform like one. It is what the name implies, an eyeshadow base. There are differences between primers and bases. Primers increase the wear time of your shadows, help to fill in lines on the eyelid and otherwise prep for your shadows or base. Bases go on after primers and although is it’s not a must to use both it usually does help increase the wear time a little longer, but the main point of using a base is to help the make the colors of your shadow more vibrant then just a primer alone would. So if your eyeshadow base isn’t working like you feel a primer should, now you know why =) Hope this helps!!


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