Product Review – Fake Bake Flawless Sunless Tanner

9 May

With summer fast approaching I know many of you are thinking about getting that health summer glow.  I urge you to stay out of the sun and Fake Bake instead.  No- not tanning beds, those will make you die.

Let me first remind you – I am pale.  I am talking reflective pale up in here.  This is mostly because I gave up any idea of tanning the moment my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and well, because I was a teenage goth girl.

So in order not to blind people while wearing Jorts (jean shorts) or any other leg exposing garments I seriously have to use fake tanner or a bronzer.  Also, being tan makes you appear thinner and makes your muscles look more gun show.  Pew pew.

So my new favorite fake tanner is the Fake Bake Flawless – $14.50 for 6oz from


Inside the cute little brown and purple box are Latex gloves, a handy little application mitt that helps blend the product to keep it streak free and the spray bottle of the product.

Here is why this product rule the school:

Smell:  It doesn’t smell like other nasty sunless tanners but instead smells like a fruity drink you would have on tropical vacation.  ‘Sexy Vacation’ is what i call this scent.  It does have a faint coconut smell so if you hate that, you are screwed.


Orange Factor:  Nope.  It has rosy undertones so you don’t look like an Oopa Looopa or THAT chick.


i have no idea who this girl is, I just google searched Orange Girl.  Bless her heart.

Time:  Takes about a minute to apply and maybe a minute to dry.  Its not sticky or heavy.  I wear black so I don’t know about how it effects clothing.  SO GOTH!  The darkness protects me.

DOUBLE DUTY:  Not only does this product give you a gradual tan but it also works as a bronzer. The product has color to it to help you apply it evenly but that washes off in the shower.  In fact, any amount of water will remove it so be careful when washing your hands.  If you don’t want to look like a bronze goddess all day, it is recommended that you apply before bed.


Tips for Application 

Step 1: Shave and exfoliate.  I use a Japanese knock-off of the Baiden Mitt – Get it HERE.  Its $8 instead of $50  (Dupe war?)

Step 2: Apply sunless solution as per the directions, using the gloves and the mitt, spraying on the mitt and then LIGHTLY buffing the color all over using a circulare motion.

Step 3:  Everyone hates the tell-tale splotching on hands/feet that give away the fact that you’re wearing a store bought tan. I highly recommend that every pale someone purchase a product called Xen Tan Blending Balm or you can just do what I do and use Jojoba Oil and rub that on your hands, feet, elbows and knees to help blend the tan.

[p.s. i am obsessed with Jojoba Oil and should probably write a whole article on how awesome it is.]



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