Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

21 May

Here are some good tips on staying healthy and minimizing toxins in your body. Stay healthy and beautiful!

ichie pancake

Toxic World

There are over 50,000 synthetic chemicals in common use around the world.  Food chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, drugs, gases and heavy metals are part of our modern environment.  Some we consume deliberately while many others are inadvertently ingested or absorbed – no matter how careful we are.

These toxins all have some negative impact on our tissues and metabolic systems before the body can detoxify and excrete them.  Some chemicals stimulate a particular response from cells – this is what happens when we take prescribed or “recreational” drugs.  Other tiny molecules can trigger an extreme immune response, such as asthma.  The really dangerous chemicals have a direct toxic affect, destroying cells and enzymes or altering DNA.  Fortunately we have ways to deal with these toxins.

The liver is a lifeguard

The liver is the body’s main Detox Center.  Drugs, alcohol, caffeine and natural plant toxins and other chemicals are usually quickly dealt with by…

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