Our Beauty Regimen – Foundation Application

22 May

After our review of the 100% Pure Fondation we have had a few people ask us how we put on our makeup.  So behold!  We give you Kassi’s foundation beauty regimen!

WARNING: you are about to see me with no makeup on!!!!!

Here is the cast of characters:Image

100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream, 100% Foundation in Creme, Jojoba Oil from Trader Joe’s, Reviva Rosewater Facial Spray Toner, Monistat Anti-chaffing Cream {aka VCream} and the Sephora Beauty Blender Dupe.

Step One: I start with a clean and towel dried face.

ImageThis was on a good skin day for me.  Note the minimal redness in the cheeks.  The foundation covers redness like a champ no matter how bad my rosacea flare ups are.

Step Two: After spraying on the Rose Water toner I make a moisturizer / Primer out of the Jojoba oil and the Monistat VCream on my hand and then evenly massage it into my skin.  I wait a couple minutes to let it absorb.

Step Three: I put about two pumps of the 100% Pure foundation onto my face.  See my hand in the photo below – that is how much I use.  I usually just kind of dot it around my face but I slathered here so you could see it a bit better.


Step Four: I take the moistened beauty sponge and spread the foundation all over my face. ImageSee the close up photo on the right – blended!

Step Five: I lightly dust my face with the Silica spheres setting powder with a fluffy brush.

Step Six: NYX HD Eye shadow base on my lids to keep eye-makeup on.

Step Seven: I put MAC Passionate on my eyebrows so my brows look saucesome and match my hair.

Step Eight:  I apply MAC bronzer in Golden to my face to help give me color and definition.  Apply in the shape of a 3.  Here is a picture – CLICK.


Here is what that looks like:

ImageI could have maybe brushed my hair or properly fixed my eyebrow.  What heck is happening there?!  I will fix that in a sec.

Step Nine: I apply MAC blush ‘Style’ to my cheekiers.

Step Ten: Eye make-up – shadow, liner and mascara.




This is my daily regimen – get this all done in less than 10mins.

I hope this was helpful to you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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