Dupe War #7 The Original Beautyblender vs Revive Makeup Applicator

28 May

More beauty blenders!


Here is a link to the previous blender war –

I found this new blender I’m about to review at TJ Maxx for $4.99.  It’s from a line called Revive.  For some reason, I cannot find this product online.  They sell high end skin care products, but not the tools.  Or at least, not the sponge.

Here is a side by side shot:


They look almost exactly the same, right? Other than the basic shape, these are pretty different.

The differences:

1) Denseness.  This is HUGE.   The Revive is way more dense, almost hard.   It feels like you are slapping something hard against your face.  It has very little give.

2) the ReVive doesn’t work very well when wet.   If you have thicker foundation or concealer, it doesn’t blend.  It just sort of pancakes it against your skin.

I realize that I may be missing some magic secret of this blender, and this is why it’s not working for me.  If you love the ReVive makeup applicator, let me know!  I’m curious to see if I’m doing something wrong 🙂

3) The ReVive takes FOREVER to dry.

4) the ReVive is so dense, that it shoots water out without warning as you are running it under your faucet.

5) I can’t seem to rinse the soap out from it.  The water continues to run white for so long, I simply give up.

Of the three blenders so far, the Original Beautyblender is my favorite followed up closely by the Sephora Perfectionist Sponge.



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