What we want – amazing nails!

29 May


Kassi and I both had the WORST finger nails this past winter.  Brittle, peeling, constantly breaking.

We went on a mission to have proper nails so we can have proper nail polish and manicures.  Here is what I did and my results.  Kassi will post hers eventually too.

How I stopped my nails from breaking and peeling.

Step 1) I started taking Biotin.  I started off with a Hair, Nails, and Skin multi- vitamin with Biotin.  Eventually, I abandoned the Multi and increased my Biotin intake.  I am taking a NOW brand, 5,000 mcg per day (1 capsule).

Benefits of the  Biotin – my hair started growing.  New hair growth and faster hair growth.  Also, eyebrows.  If you have over-plucked brows, this may work for you.

They do caution that some people may be sensitive to the Biotin and it may react on your skin over time.  I’ve been taking it for almost a year, and I don’t have any reactions.

Step 2) find a nail treatment for your unique nail problem.  My nails were super peeling.   They would grow, even with the Biotin, but they would peel.  It was frustrating.  And ugly.

This is what worked for me:


I used the Nailtiques for about a month.  I applied almost daily, even if I was wearing nail polish. I don’t wear nail polish during the week though, only weekends.

The bottle is way tiny, so it only lasted a month.  I’ve used it up now, and I’ve decided my nails may be okay enough not to repurchase.

Step 3) manicures, I do them at home.  This is to make sure you have healthy skin around your nails, your cuticles aren’t stuck to your nails, and overall nail appearance.   When your cuticles are stuck to your nails, it can dry them out which makes them brittle and weak.

My plan now – 

I bought this before I got Nailtiques:


I found it at Sally Beauty Supply.  You get more product with this, .5 Oz vs Nailtiques 1/4 oz.

So, I will use this in place of the Nailtiques and continue with the at home manis.

I will do an update after I finish my bottle or if my nails get worse again.

Happy Nail Growing!!!



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