Pro tip – Pinterest Protection – Make your own Pore Strips (aka how to remove your eyebrows)

30 May

Another Pin that is being shared heavily on Pinterest caught my eye today.  I know those Biore strips are satisfying in the grossest way possible but they are pricey.  So the idea of making your own sounds great right?


WRONG!  Unless you want to look all Amanda Palmer and draw your eyebrows on like some kind of early 2000’s goth.  (sorry, not cute)


Don’t believe me that it will take your eyebrows off – our friends at Pin-tried It demonstrate.

 I’m sure it can be safely done, but I wouldn’t risk it.  I also don’t really think it could feel all that great to rip all the tiny hairs off your face…unless you feel like you need a little waxing.


3 Responses to “Pro tip – Pinterest Protection – Make your own Pore Strips (aka how to remove your eyebrows)”

  1. itsawonderfullifestyle May 30, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

    Ugh! What a nightmare. It is amazing how many of heavily shared pins don’t work. I had a friend explode a dozen eggs in her oven trying to “bake” hard boiled eggs. Here is something I found on Pinterest that does work! –

  2. Tori Granados June 20, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    I fell into this trap too. I made sure to avoid my eyebrows though but gosh it hurt so bad. I basically had to put my face in hot water to “melt” the concoction because the pain of ripping the little pieces off were just plain horrible.

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