Dupe War #8 MAC Dupe Folie vs E.L.F. Aubergine

7 Jun

I found this dupe when I was desperate for eye shadow to fill in the brows, and I didn’t feel like going to MAC.  Also, we like E.L.F. a lot here at the Fairy Godmother!!

I found Aubergine or Abergine from E.L.F.  The color I have is marked as Abergine, without the “U”.  But online it is called Aubergine.  Not sure if this is misprint or they changed the name.

mac dupe 3 mac dupe4

MAC Folie $15.00 is on top, E.L.F. Aubergine $1.00  is the top left in the compact.

Here they are Swatched:

MAC left, E.L.F right

mac dupe 2

 mac dupe

The Folie is red based and has a better color payoff.  The Aubergine is cooler purple based and is more metallic.

However, they are pretty close in color one the skin as you can see.

Hold on, let me do the math for you.  $15.00 for MAC or $1.00 for E.L.F.?   You’re saving $14.00!!!!

Have you ever discovered any good dupes?



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