Lighten Up! Daytime summer makeup!

11 Jun

Let’s face it (see what I did there?), unless you are graced with amazing skin (hate you), you need to change up your skin and makeup routines as the Seasons change.

Even though you feel hot, you still want to look hot.  So you don’t want to completely go makeup less.  And you want to enjoy the season.  Be all like:


Well okay, maybe that’s  just me.  So here is what I did to my daily makeup look:


You may want to abandon daily foundation.  I use MAC Face & Body, and was mixing it with my moisturizer for a while.  Now I find it’s too heavy on my face.  So foundation is still used, but only for nights out.  Because your homegirl wants to look amaze.

Items you may want to use:

Moisturizer and/or primer





Setting Spray


1) Bare skin means it needs to look good 🙂  I cleanse with Clean & Clear Continuous Control Cleanser.  It helps keep me free of breakouts and helps prevent blackheads.  Because for some reason, I have this mania for touching my face.  Also, exfoliate!  I love the DermaMitt and now the Julep Glycolic Scrub

2) Moisturize if needed.  Some days, I use  Wild Ferns Manuka Antioxidant Facial Serum.  Mostly because I’m still loving the Manuka Honey. Somedays I only use V-Primer.

3) Mascara. Yes, your makeup is minimal but your eyes can still be all come hither and whatever.

3) Concealer if you have dark circles or want to brighten under your eyes.  I don’t have dark circles, but I love undereye concealer.  My two faves are yaby and CoverGirl Olay

4) Blush.  It helps you look all summery.  I’m liking E.L.F. Studio  in Pink Passion

5) Setting Spray.  You know what we love 🙂  E.L.F!

5) Powder with Silica Spheres from Coastal Scents

6) Lipstick…look cute and kissable and pulled together.  You are superwoman, do anything!

Now you can still be all like


and not feel like your makeup is streaking your face


Unless that’s your thing.  And in that case, go on with your bad self.

This is my summer daytime look 🙂  What’s yours?

Stay Pretty!!!



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