Review – Makeup Remover

18 Jun

All a girl wants is a makeup remover that takes off what it is supposed to and and doesn’t sting like a million bees attacking your eyeballs.

Sounds simple, HA!


I used to use Pond’s, if you would like a review for it, let us know in the comments 🙂


Makeup Alley loves it.  I may not know how to use it or it just doesn’t really like my skin.  Oh well.  You move on.

This weekend I got this from L’Oreal:


My review – 

Meh, it’s okay.  It stings a bit, and I have to move swipe it across my eyelids a number of times for all residue to be removed.

However, it works amazing for spot clean ups during makeup application.

Next, I’m trying a version from Sephora.


Goal is to find something incredible under $10.oo 🙂

Also, I’m not against making my own, so I will be sleuthing Pinterest for any good tips.



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