How To Do the Rope Braid

26 Jun


The Fashion Foot


Ever seen hair like this and wonder how it’s done? Well it’s called the rope braid and it’s easier than it looks. I taught myself how to do this within a few minutes so here’s a few steps to help you learn how too…

Step 1:

Split a chunk of hair into two pieces.

Step 2:

Twist both pieces TOWARDS your face.

Step 3:

Cross the piece closest to your face over the other piece.

Step 4:

Grab hair outside of those two pieces (like you would for a French braid) and combine it with the piece of hair the you will cross over top again.

Step 5:

Once you combine the piece of hair with the hair you will be crossing over the second piece, twist towards your face again to combine them.

Step 6:

Cross that piece of hair with the new chunk with it over the other…

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