Julep Maven June Box!

12 Jul




This is my second Julep Maven box, and I think I subscribe to this more for the body products than the actual nail polish.

The nail polish is nice and it’ s a really good quality, but since joining Ipsy in May I now have 5 (FIVE) new nail colors in two months.

I only have two hands and two feet.  There is only so much nail polish I can use up in a given calendar year.

BUT, their other products are amazing.  Uh-AMAZING.

I’m totally in love with the Glycolic Scrub from May. Here’s a link to the scrub

June’s box gave me:


Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil $18.40 if you are a Maven $23.00 if you’re not a member

2 Nail Colors which escape my memory.   A very light non frosted pink and a beige.  I wore the pink and was really impressed.  It’s hard to find a really pale pink without frosting or glitter.  NICE!

Blotting paper!

The Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil is so great!  It has a sort of tropical summery scent.  Sadly, it doesn’t linger very long on me, but it does help to keep my coconut body spray a bit longer.  So it layers nicely.

It also works better when your skin is slightly damp.  So if you have a very absorbent towel, go easy with it.  And, if yo have dryer skin patches like elbows or knees, you may need an additional lotion on those areas.  I need it for my elbows 🙂

This is a pricier beauty box at $20.00 per  month versus my amazing Ipsy at $10.00.

But it’s well worth it.



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