What’s BB Cream? Well Here Are The Best!

30 Jul

The Fashion Foot

One morning a few months ago, after running out of my favorite gradual face tanner, I went on the hunt to ‘borrow’ some of my mother’s. I grabbed the tube from the bathroom cabinet without reading it and quickly rubbed it all over my face. But something looked a little different. My face did look tanner, but it also looked even toned and clear of the blemishes I had woken up with. That fast. I checked the label – whoooooops. It was something called ‘BB cream.’ I figured I was familiar with every beauty product imaginable, but to my surprise I had never heard of this.

Now, I am absolutely addicted to BB cream. Turns out that ‘BB’ stands for blemish balm or beauty balm, and the product was only recently introduced to the US beauty marketplace, but it has quickly become a popular purchase for those seeking flawless-looking…

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