Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

17 Sep

we are on the hunt for a lip primers. Which primers do you guys like?

Pretty Young Thing

Having recently stumbled across talk of Bite Beauty online, I was super intrigued by its claims of being 100%… edible. Say what? Yes, that’s right, Bite is so natural you can eat the stuff! Bite is a Canadian company specialising in lip products including lipsticks; gloss; pencils; tints and the lovely wee primer I’ll be reviewing today.


Bite’s Line and Define Lip Primer is another great ‘double duty’ product. The pointed tip is used to line the lips, preventing lipstick from feathering. While the slanted sides are used to fill the lips. All Bite Beauty products are free from parabens and other ickies. The primer contains moisturising ingredients like argan and jojoba oils as well as featuring skin loving lysine and silica. Last, but not least anti-aging resveratrol sourced from red wine rounds out the list of ingredients.

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