More Hair – Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment

23 Sep

2013-09-20 09.23.40

ExuisiteOil Protective Treatment by Biolage Matrix

My friend got me this as a “thanks for cleaning up my cats’ poop while I am away on a fantastic vacation and you are stuck in ugly Chicago weather”.

I haven’t used it yet.  It doubles as a treatment and a shine enhancer.  Intrigue!!!!

From Matrix:

  • Mix with your shampoo and conditioner for maximum brilliance
  • Use for a massage before shampooing like an oil for a special treatment
  • Smooth on dry lengths and ends for immediate luster
  • Use on face-framing pieces for simple control and manageability
  • Leave on extra-dry ends overnight for a non-greasy treatment
  • Ultimate styling aid for blow dryer or flat iron
  • Add to any treatment for added brilliance, softness and manageability

– See more at:

My hair is crazy dry in the winter, so I’m looking forward to using this is a treatment then.  But I am thinking this may be amazing to add shine on no wash days.  That is, once I start wearing my hair down again.  Right now, it’s tucked into a headband almost every day because growing out your hair from a bob is the absolute worst.

Have you lovelies tried this?  Thoughts????



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