The Healthy Deodorant: Lavanila

30 Sep

Natural Deodorant Blush and Lace Blog

Remember a few years ago with that whole story about aluminum in your deodorant came out and how it causes breast cancer, so everyone quit wearing deodorant and it was scary to be in a cramped elevator with someone who garlic and onions for dinner? Okay, I’m exaggerating, I’m not sure if the world gave up deodorant but that was a pretty rude awakening. The truth is that  deodorants containing aluminum MIGHT  contribute to the development of breast cancer but no conclusive evidence is directly available. If we break this down a little bit, aluminum compounds that are used regularly on the skin close to the breast might be absorbed in the skin causing “estrogen-like” hormonal effects. Since estrogen can encourage development of breast cancer cells, then it is possible that these deodorants indirectly contribute to breast cancer. Not a chance I want to take, especially if you have a history…

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