NOTD 174 – Featured Color Friday – Birefringence

22 Nov

Friday Nail Fun!

Mae's Beauty

It’s Friday! I actually wore this amazeballs color earlier in the week but as you read in my last post, I had a post to catch up on. This is #2 of my 7 ILNP pretties.  “Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens!” as the website describes this beauty.

This color shifts more purples and blues for me so I decided to stamp  Essie’s the lace is on and ILNP’s Contraband. I used stamp PUEEN06 and dotted the pink stamps from top to bottom and Contraband from bottom to top.

Picture 131

Picture 137

Picture 138

Picture 139

Picture 129

Well… wasn’t I right? This color is super color shifting with amazing shimmer. I am in love! I thought that Northern Lights was my favorite of the bunch but I am not sure now… this might be!

What do you think of this gorgeous ultra chrome?

P.S. NPC asked me to join in this years 2nd…

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