Bosso Makeup Academy Day #4

27 Dec

How gorgeous is this classic look!

Notorious Beauty Blog

The last day of my makeup school was last Thursday, a week ago today, and it really solidified in my mind that taking the class was 100% the right step for me. Day four was focused on airbrush makeup, which will be huge for me when I start doing makeup professionally because I want to do bridal makeup so that it a skill I must have. I learned how to do airbrush makeup then I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with the rest of the models face as a kind of test to see what I had learned during my course. I was so proud of my final look and my teacher was really impressed! I feel so much more confident in my abilities but also in the choice I have made to make this my career.


Learning how to color match, create a flawless canvas and cover…

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