How To Kiki: Planning The Perfect Girls Night In

30 Dec

The Godmothers love a good KiKi!

How To Kiki Girls Night In Miss Kris Kelly  Golightly Girls Night In Kikiki·ki noun: A party including good music and good friends, held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress. May involve salacious gossip.


Still no plans for New Year’s Eve? I know, me neither! NYE always intimidates me with all the hoopla surrounding the evening and the pressure to kick off the new year in style. Might I suggest skipping the crowds and staying in for the evening? A girls night (or kiki as I loving refer to them) sounds like the perfect NYE plan. Here are 5 fab tips to planning the perfect ladies night, honestly no matter the time of year!

1. Best Buddies: Phone a friend! Set a date, time and location. I called my friend Kelly of Kelly Golightly and told her I was in desperate need of a kiki. She graciously offered up her gorgeous home for our…

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