Bam! How to get big beauty queen hair!

21 Jan

“Got my hair up real big beauty queen style” – Summertime Sadness, Lana Del Rey

My stylist friend introduced me to the Matrix Mega Dust.


What is it?  It’s a texturing powder.

What does it do?  It gives your hair volume

How do you use it?

Sprinkle small amounts in your hair along the hair line.  I like to use it in the back and the sides to give my hair oomph.  Take small sections of hair in the back and at the crown, sort of like if you were lifting it to tease it.  Sprinkle, then move to the next section (either a row down or to the side) and sprinkle again.

Run your fingers through it to activate it.  It becomes tacky on your hair.  Not everyone may like this, so keep it in mind when you buy it.

Added bonus 

When partnered with a dry shampoo this helps prolong your time between shampoos by keeping your hair from going flat.




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