Kassi’s New DIY Purple Hair

27 Jan

Dark violet locks!


Here is how I did it:

I striped out the color using a bleach wash.  Here is the step by step I used.   Only took about 10-15 mins for me to remove with 30 volume – and I had like a good 6 months of dye on my head.

Once that was done, my hair was this nasty combo of blonde, orange and brown.   Like poorly done white girl hippy dreadlocks – but worse.  (nothing wrong with dreads, I’m talking about poorly done ones.)

After that I applied a combo of Ion Color Brilliance Purple ($5 Sally’s) and two different shades of purple Manic Panic I had from a while ago.  Let it sit on my head for a few hours.  Washed it out and deep conditioned with a .99 cent packet of Ion Deep Conditioner <— so important when bleaching hair!

Bathroom Selfie.  The end.

I think it’s going to need a touch up pretty soon just to make sure.   I don’t like how purple fades,  as it tends to look kind of grey.  I am going to make a Purple color depositing conditioner using the method described here.



4 Responses to “Kassi’s New DIY Purple Hair”

  1. The Fashion Huntress January 27, 2014 at 12:34 pm #

    Woot!! You go!! Love it!

  2. majormakeupmadness January 27, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    This looks so cool, you look great! x

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