Review – Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner!

24 Feb

From my very first Birchbox a dry conditioner!

We are pretty serious connoisseurs of dry shampoo here at YourFairyGoedmothers.

I see a freaking dry conditioner in my Birdchbox, do you think I got excited?

You better believe it!

$25.00 USD for 3.2 oz.


From Birchbox:

Argan oil makes hair soft and supple while fortifying the cuticle to help hair shine. Cornstarch absorbs oil without weighing down your mane.

My thoughts?

OMG I love how this smells.  Seriously!

Does it condition? Yes, it does.  But I found there is a trick to using this.  When I would use it in the mornings and then style my hair, I didn’t feel it was much softer or especially conditioned.  It was okay, but not mind blowing.  BUT, when I used it the day before and then the following day wore my hair rolled up, when I took it out of the roll, BAM…conditioned soft hair.

Using the next day approach – I dry shampoo and dry condition, then sleep on my hair.  I keep it rolled up like this:


Would I buy it for $25?  I don’t know. I like using drugstore brand dry shampoos, so I am hoping they come out with a conditioner version.  However, I found that I use way less of the conditioner than the shampoo, so a smaller high end product may last me a while.

I am now very intrigued in getting more dry conditioners.

Have you used a dry conditioner in the past?



2 Responses to “Review – Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner!”

  1. City Girl Vibe March 4, 2014 at 10:29 am #

    OMW I’ve NEVER EVER EVER spotted Dry Conditioner in South Africa. I love your hairstyle. I need to get my hands on some dry conditioner.

    Thanks for visiting

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