Review – City Color Be Matte Blush

2 Apr

City Color Be Matte Blush in Dragonfruit was in my Opsy Glam bag in February.

Ok, at first I thought this color was CRAZY!!! I mean look at how freaking PINK it is.

I took flash and non flash pictures for this review since the color is soooo intense.  On the Left is FLASH.  On the Right is NO FLASH.  Dig?

wpid-20140313_073423.jpg wpid-20140313_073411.jpg

As you can see, it’s very bright pink.

wpid-20140313_073512.jpg wpid-20140313_073323.jpg

But, LOOK how deceiving it is under different lighting!  This is the same exact shot and the same exact amount of product swatched on my hand.  And look how much more intense it looks with the flash.  Without, you can almost barely see it, no?

wpid-20140313_074223.jpg wpid-20140313_074301.jpg

Same here….oh man…here is my face on the interwebs!

Either way, I think the color is pretty and flattering and you shoulnd’t be afraid to try it.

Did you try it?  Did you like it or hate it?





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