Beauty has no expiration date.

21 Apr

Clothing company American Apparel is defiantly known for pushing some limits in regards to their advertising. Honestly, I find that most of the ads look like soft core porn. It’s not a website you can browse from at work as your co-workers will raise their eyebrows at you.

Guys, i’m just buying some socks.”


This is seriously a screen shot from the website.  I can’t make this up.  Here, don’t believe me or think I’m some kind of dirt ball. OR maybe you are the dirt ball and just want to see more.  Well, go here.

Anywho.  They now how a 62 year old model.  To me, this is awesome.  I really hope I’m this confident and sexy at age 62.



Jacky O’Shaughnessy says she just made “a conscious choice” not to accept certain limitations and stereotypes that are attached to women of a certain age. MAD PROPS. 



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