Product Review – Fake Bake Flawless Sunless Tanner

21 Apr

Now is a great time to start working on your [fake] tan.

Your Fairy Godmother

With summer fast approaching I know many of you are thinking about getting that health summer glow.  I urge you to stay out of the sun and Fake Bake instead.  No- not tanning beds, those will make you die.

Let me first remind you – I am pale.  I am talking reflective pale up in here.  This is mostly because I gave up any idea of tanning the moment my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and well, because I was a teenage goth girl.

So in order not to blind people while wearing Jorts (jean shorts) or any other leg exposing garments I seriously have to use fake tanner or a bronzer.  Also, being tan makes you appear thinner and makes your muscles look more gun show.  Pew pew.

So my new favorite fake tanner is the Fake Bake Flawless – $14.50 for 6oz from


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