MAC Debuts Simpsons-Inspired Collection

14 Jul

Heard about this last week. I love it, but I have never been able to actually buy anything I like from a MAC special collection. Rats!

The Fashion Foot

MAC has created many collections based on fictional characters from the likes of Alice of Alice in Wonderland to Maleficent of the aptly named movie. But a collection for a cartoon? That’s a definite first.
Marge Simpson, the hilarious housewife of the long-running and crude cartoon The Simpsons, is getting her own collection. The 10-piece collection consists of a four-piece eye palette, lip glosses (yes, there’s one in yellow.), nail decals, false eyelashes and blush. I think that a comically yellow-tinged bronzer with a cheeky name would have been nice as well. Though we can’t get everything, we were given a great eyeshadow palette of deep purple, teal and gray. As well as a pale pink, great for a simple highlight on to of a smokey eye!
With the subject of this collection being Marge Simpson, a cartoon character whose palette is associated with bright blue. yellow, and green. This…

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