Fun post – Art Deco Nails

20 May

I got lost in a Pinterest blackhole searching for art deco nails ideas.  I was in an art deco/20s vibe and wanted to see how people translated this trend into fancy nail art.  Here are some of my favorites along with links to the sites with instructions.

Great Gatsby inspired nails.

Here is the tutorial.  I love the use of black and gold.  I’m super into gold lately, which is probably driving my art deco crush.  This site also has a chevron nail tutorial which is sort of art deco inspired.


Black and Silver

I found these on Pinterest, but had a hard time finding the source of these beauties at first. But I found the talented lady who created them.  Check it here, from  It’s not a complete step by step, but she does give the brand of polish use to achieve the look.

black silver tapemanicure 1

Revlon by Marchesa

Not a tutorial, but nail stickers!  I didn’t know that Revlon partnered with the designer Marchesa to release a line of nail art and nail tools.  I’m not able to find them anywhere but Amazon right now, but here are a few I really liked.


You can buy these here.

I am also really into this nail kit.  It’s so pretty!!!


It’s a well spent $20.00 you can keep in your desk at work. Get it here.

Blue and Silver

I apologize that this tutorial is in French, but her pictures were so lovely and I adored the shades she chose to complete this look.  Also, there are a lot of pictures in her original post to really get an idea of how beautiful this is.


Emerald and Gold

To finish off, make them green with envy!  I love this color so much and wanted to include them in my favorites.


Visit the lady from Dressed Up Nails for the full post.  She does many fun nail art posts, so check her out!

Maybe next Friday I will see if I can find Art Nouveau nail art.

What’s your favorite nail art design?



4 Responses to “Fun post – Art Deco Nails”

  1. lexilife May 20, 2016 at 1:20 pm #

    Wow I love the aztec designs used with nail tape!! I tried to do something like this, less complicated, with tape. But found that it was way to fiddley and difficult to make neat, straight lines! Not to mention the fact that they lose their stickiness if handled too much! xo

    • yourfairygodmother May 20, 2016 at 1:52 pm #

      I’m way too ungifted to do ANYTHING like this. I can barely manage to use sticker nail art haha

  2. thebeautyanalystblog May 20, 2016 at 3:49 pm #

    They look so cool! I would be hopeless at this 🙈 xx

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