Memorial Day Sale – Manuka Honey Skincare

27 May

I got this in my email today and wanted to pass it on to you, Lovelies, because this is one of my daily beauty staples.

I have previously reviewed this cream, and I still love it. I use it very regularly, especially during cold months or when my skin is dry.  (like after being out in the sun during the summer.)


Good news!  You can now try the entire line for $29.50!  Click here!

Here is what they say about my fave, the Night Revival Cream:

A skin-recharging night crème formulated with premium certified Manuka Honey 80+ – proven to deliver highly beneficial ingredients that protect and nourish the skin.  Powerful Co Enzyme Q10 combines with moisturising Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Oils, while Vitamin A and Buttermilk help achieve a beautiful skin. Thirsty skin types are immediately quenched and a softer, more radiant complexion is revealed every morning.

Cruelty-free, no parabens or mineral oil.

80% of the pollen in the honey used in product corresponds to Manuka, indicating a high level of purity.

Normally, the night cream alone is just under $20.00.  With this deal, you are getting 2 more products for only $9.00 more.

This is a great way to get to know the brand.

Enjoy your Holiday, dear Readers!



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