Not a beauty post – summer jewelry trends I want to see

1 Jun

I love the 90’s.  Like, LOVE the 90’s.  I love the decade when Victoria Beckham was know as Posh Spice. I still watch SpiceWorld, okay?  What?  You have never seen it?  OMG, the best, treat yourself and watch it. “And I’m Victoria, Malcolm!!!!”   Buzzfeed did a piece on this masterpiece.

Thinking of the 90’s and its fashion trends, I’m hoping that anklets and toe rings make a come back this summer.  What, you hate them?  Pssshhhh. They are pure awesome.  Check out these:


$11.47 from BeckeringhDesign


$15.00 from 88Links


$21.95 ChanyaAndFriends


I love this for the beach!

$26.50 NightingaleWorkshop


$14.79 WormChildJewellery


$20.00+ Carteohandmade


$18.00 cutterstone

I think the smoother the toe ring, the more comfortable it will be to wear.  Big designs or stones can hurt.

What do you think of fancy feet?  Do you like jewelry around your ankle or toes?



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