Royal Glamour and 63 years of “She Queens …. and vacuums”

2 Jun

What?   You don’t know that line from National Lampoons European Vacation? Treat yourself and watch it and LAUGH because Chevy Chase is a funny dude.


I won’t lie, I have a slight obsession with the Royals.  They live in palaces, they wear crowns, they have strange and ancient ceremonies that mean little to anyone but them and they simply don’t care.    And I always wanted to be a Princess.

Today marks Queen Elizabeth II 63rd anniversary of her Coronation.  She’s been a Queen for 63 years!  Crowns, scepters, corgies!

To mark this momentous occasion for myself, because the Queen won’t care what I , the Pleb, think, I put together a few photos of the Queen that show her beauty, glamour, youth, and kindness.

NPG x36963; Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding

by Dorothy Wilding, half-plate film negative, 1952





Wedding photo.  Her smile is contagious.


Official Coronation picture of the new Queen


This is an official Coronation picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip


I’m pretty sure that if you  bring a dog to a meeting with the Queen, she will like your dog better than you.  She loves dogs!

Happy Queening, Queen Elizabeth!


2 Responses to “Royal Glamour and 63 years of “She Queens …. and vacuums””

  1. nerdylibrariangirl June 5, 2016 at 5:41 pm #

    I love, love, love the Queen. Great pics!

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