BirchBox Announces Changes to Points System

15 Jun

I’m sure we have all seen a version of the email Birchbox sent out to their subscribers yesterday.

BirchboxPoints eMail

When I received my email, I went on some beauty boards to see 1) what everyone else’s interpretation of Point 3 was and 2) get a general idea of people’s feelings

Sadly, Point 3 confirmed what I thought, that BB is discontinuing points for Box items reviews.

I have to admit, this change sort of sucks.  And pairing it with a point expiration date, they basically created an Ipsy point structure but WORSE.  At least Ipsy allowed earning points on reviews.

Basically this removes most of my point earning and redemption possibilities.

Some people have already cancelled their subscription or are cancelling soon.

I won’t be cancelling yet, mostly because I like the products Birchbox sends me.  I have signed up for the Sephora Play box, and I am on their waiting list currently.  Once I have an active Sephora subscription, I can better determine which service I like better.

Another thought I have is that given the amount of negative feedback this announcement generated, I wouldn’t be surprised if BB makes additional changes to the program in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on this change?  Are you outraged (some are, it’s okay), are you sort of okay with it?  Maybe you don’t care about point programs?



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