It’s Fit Friday: Food = FUEL

4 Nov

Since this goes along with my Wellness post yesterday. Here are some great healthy eating tips!

The Soulance Blog

Welcome Stars!

This Fit Friday’s post will be about calories … simplified (I promise to keep it simple).

I’m sure you’ve heard this term, but because there is SO MUCH inaccurate information out there, I want to make it simple for you.

-A Calorie is a unit of energy.

-Calories are “fuel” for your body.

No, calories are not a bad thing, but it’s important to understand how they work. If you consume/eat too many calories for your body you can gain weight because your body stores the “fuel” for later as fat. If you eat very little, you may lose weight or you may be starving your body. It’s important to balance your “fuel” with your level of activity. Yes, it’s that simple. Your body uses calories/fuel throughout the day (yes, even now while you’re sitting and reading this).

Not sure how much you should eat to balance

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