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Natural cold remedies and tips!

11 Oct

I am sick right now, and this goodie popped into my email today.  I haven’t heard of any of these products before,  but I am really intrigued!

All this info came from

KUSMI Ginger Lemon Tea
Our LA store manager Katherine relies on ginger for all her healing needs. And lemon is uber-cleansing!

Florame Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Eucalyptus oil is known for its powerful pulmonary decongestant properties. To help fight chest infections and colds, blend 3 drops with 5ml of an organic jojoba oil and massage into your chest twice daily.

Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic
Strengthen your immune system with these herbal magicians: astragalus, eleuthero, maitake, red reishi & ginger!

CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer
You can cough into your elbow and avoid public door knobs at all costs, but why not go the extra mile by eliminating germs on the go?

Virus Zero Portable Air Sterilizer
Sterilize the air in your bedroom, office or car (it comes with an adapter)! Bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, smoke and volatile organic compounds don’t stand a chance against this sterilizer.

Now is the time to consume even more antioxidants and nutrients — so your body stays well nourished and happy.
Try incorporating a smoothie every day packed with 1 cup spinach, 1 cup kale,  1 cup blueberries, 1 banana, 1 cup almond/coconut milk and 2 tbsp ground flax seeds.



New Fave and Dupe: Suave Naturals Body Wash! Bath and Body Works Dupe!

17 Sep

I’m so crazy about this scent right now!!  It’s from the Suave Naturals line.  This retails for under $4.00 USD.

The scent reminds me of the Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works.  I only used the BBW lotion, not the wash so I can’t compare its staying power.  However, the scents are very similar out of the bottle.  Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Shower Gel is $11.00 USD.

It smells so fresh and summery!  It will probably be my last summer scent I use for the Season. Sort of sad because I love summer so much, but it’s also fun to try new products.

Why I like it:

1) fragrance is so nice

2) it lathers really well

3) it’s very inexpensive

4) it can be used for shaving

Have you used any Suave bath products?  What did you think?


Sale Alert! Forever 21. Okay, not makeup…but we love F21!

16 Sep

Everything for this season looks like Aria from Pretty Little Liars!


What?  You’re not watching PLL?  You.are.missing.out.


Julep Maven Box!!!! My (Anna’s) FREE intro box.

5 Jun


Kassi found out about Julep giving away a free introductory beauty box.  We posted about it here, in case you missed it.

 We love free and we love nail polish, so we both ordered it.  I received mine on Monday, but I’m just getting around to writing a review.  Sorry!!!! Continue reading

Summer hair trends – buns and braids!

17 May

So many pretty choices for summer hair!

braid Continue reading

DIY – Pressed Powder!

15 May

One of the reasons why I love pressed powder is the compacts.  I am a sucker for a collectible compact.  They are pretty and inexpensive to restock.  And now even cheaper.   Here is how to make your own pressed powder.  Pro Tip – this works so good for vintage compacts!


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DIY Beauty – Toner

13 May

Oh my, what wonderful skin you have! Have you discovered the amazingness that is Apple Cider Vinegar? Do you use a toner?  I bet you do!

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Dupe War #6 – Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge vs The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge by Sephora

7 May

Oh Beautyblender, you have such a silly name !  But seriously dear Lovelies, Beautyblender came on the market and created a craze!  There are so many tutorials and reviews for this product it made our head spin, and it made us way curious.

What the heck is a Beautyblender? – in a nutshell, it’s a funny, sort of egg shaped beauty sponge.  The kind of sponge you use to put on your foundation.  What?  You don’t use a sponge to put on your foundation.  Yeah, neither did we…and then I tried it and Kassi said “I NEED THIS”.  Go get you some!

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Treat Yo Self!! Beauty Boxes – How to try new products for a low price

30 Apr

Once upon a time a young(ish) girl wished for an awesome selection of  beauty products to arrive at her door without lifting a finger to shop.  Poof!  The internets have granted the wish!

Recently we found these three amazing companies that ship you deluxe sample sizes of various beauty products for a low monthly fee.  OH, and it ships for FREE.  Two of these provide a mix of drugstore and luxury brands.  The other provides natural beauty products.

What are these wonderful companies????  Allow us to make your mailperson hate you with how much amazing swag you will potentially be getting.  Go get some glam, girl!


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Tumeric – facial mask from your own kitchen

23 Apr

Your Fairy Godmothers are huge fans of facial masks.  They are a nice pampering experience and do have added beauty benefits.

Recently, we were introduced to a spice called Tumeric.  Tumeric is a spice native to South Asia with many health benefits when ingested and applied on to the skin.  It can help with discoloration and  psoriasis! Cheers for a bright complexion !  You can pick up tumeric in powder form in the spice section of your grocery store.

Click here and here for all the benefits of this exotic spice.

So what do we do with this stuff?  We put it on our precious faces, of course!


Here’s how to do it .. Continue reading