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Review – Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

2 Jun

Happy Thursday, Lovelies!  I always really enjoy reviewing hair care products.  And I enjoy receiving hair care products to review!  I got the Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray in my April Birchbox.


 My first reaction at receiving a sea salt spray was bored disappointment.  I have never used one that I absolutely love.  I use it and it seems good the first time, and then it ends up fading my hair color or drying my hair or it gets greasy.  (what’s up with that?)

So I wasn’t excited about Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray.  But I tried it.

My first time, I LOVED it.  I had used it just after I took out my extensions and loved the waves this created in my hair.   Here’s is some background on the product before I dive into my thoughts.

From the Parlor website:


Part beach wave spray, part leave-in conditioner, this formula gives hair that covetable surfer-girl texture without the drying effects of salt water.


All hair types


Adds volume and creates perfectly undone, beachy waves without drying out your hair.


Sweet almond extract – protects hair fibers and infuses softness, volume, and brilliance into weak or damaged hair.

Algae extract – helps rebalance the scalp’s moisture content while protecting, stimulating, and nourishing the scalp with vitamins.


Spray evenly on damp or dry hair and style with your fingers. For increased hold, diffuse with hair dryer.

Did it deliver what it promised?

Yes, my waves were more formed and bigger (I do have a natural wave in my hair).  My hair was shiny and soft not crunchy.  My hair looked pretty.  And all I did was spray this on and scrunch it up.

Bonus use

If you don’t wash your hair daily, this also works to hold your second day style.  I curled my hair the second day after I used it (many times) and it consistently keeps my hair styled and the curl last longer.

One thing I disliked about other sea salt sprays was that it was pretty much impossible to make my hair look good the day after.  It would be either stringy or frizzy.  Sometimes both. Uncute.

Would I purchase full size?

Yes!  It retails for $24.00 which is not the cheapest styling product but it’s also not the most expensive.  Also, you don’t drench your hair with this, so it does last a while.  I’m still using my Bichbox sample size and we are already in June.

Have you guys used  Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray?  What did you think?



Not a beauty post – summer jewelry trends I want to see

1 Jun

I love the 90’s.  Like, LOVE the 90’s.  I love the decade when Victoria Beckham was know as Posh Spice. I still watch SpiceWorld, okay?  What?  You have never seen it?  OMG, the best, treat yourself and watch it. “And I’m Victoria, Malcolm!!!!”   Buzzfeed did a piece on this masterpiece.

Thinking of the 90’s and its fashion trends, I’m hoping that anklets and toe rings make a come back this summer.  What, you hate them?  Pssshhhh. They are pure awesome.  Check out these:


$11.47 from BeckeringhDesign


$15.00 from 88Links


$21.95 ChanyaAndFriends


I love this for the beach!

$26.50 NightingaleWorkshop


$14.79 WormChildJewellery


$20.00+ Carteohandmade


$18.00 cutterstone

I think the smoother the toe ring, the more comfortable it will be to wear.  Big designs or stones can hurt.

What do you think of fancy feet?  Do you like jewelry around your ankle or toes?


Birchbox May Beauty Box

14 May

We have been oh so busy with life!  Forgive us!!!!

I was so psyched to receive this Birchie.  I am in love.



LOQA Lip Lube Pencil.  I won’t lie, I looked at this and cringed.  HARD.  It’s PURPLE.  I dig purple, but on lips?  I was skeptical.  Luckily, this is amazing. I love the purple color for spring!  And it smells minty. Yum.


I was excited to get this shave cream, but it turned out to be a meh.  It’s not terrible, but it’s really expensive and not worth the $20.00 price tag.  Drugstore shaving cream is amazing, why spend so much more?


Vitamins!  These are gummie yummies.  Pricier than what you may find at a drug store, but you are also getting two supplements in one – a multi and a Omega3.


Sunscreen, have not tried this yet!

wpid-20140511_085936.jpg wpid-20140511_090024.jpg

Shampoo and Conditioner which I haven’t tied yet either.

What did you get?  Do you love it?


Lighten Up! Daytime summer makeup!

11 Jun

Let’s face it (see what I did there?), unless you are graced with amazing skin (hate you), you need to change up your skin and makeup routines as the Seasons change.

Even though you feel hot, you still want to look hot.  So you don’t want to completely go makeup less.  And you want to enjoy the season.  Be all like:

summer Continue reading

Sun protection – HATS!

3 Jun

Anyone wear a hat as sun protection?  These are so glamorous!

floppy hat

And super affordable!  $11.99 on Amazon!

What’s up, you protected sunbathing beauty!