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Review – Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Duo

21 Dec


This face duo was in my November Birchbox.  This is actually a pretty generous sample, and when you buy the full size for $19.95 USD, you actually get a number of additional shades.

I’ve used Coastal Scents before and I’m usually very happy with their products.  This was no exception. The color pay off of the products is good.  They are finally spun powders and blend very easily.

As for these two particular shades, one was better than the other . The blush, is so pretty.  The bronzer is so light, it’s almost invisible.  It almost looks like it would be better suited as a highlighter for a darker complexion.


I didn’t even bother photographing the btronzer because it hardly shows up.  I’m actually wearing both in this picture.


Overall, I think it’s a good product and I like the full size product even more.  So many colors!

Would I purchase this?  yes, I would.  I think it’s a good deal for the dollars.

Have you used the Coastal Scents blushes?  Do you like them?



Contour Guide

15 Nov


Easy Contour – E and C

14 Nov

I just bought NYX Bronzer and Illuminator from Ulta because it was buy one get one half off and I had a coupon.

So I was inspired to find a handy guide on Pinterest on how to use these products.  Thought I would share.



How to contour – easy cheat sheet

23 Oct

Found this on Tumblr


I wish we could find a cheat sheet that tells you which bronzer/contour color to use! 🙂


How to Fake having Big Boobs

20 Sep

Ladies, it’s practically the weekend and still not freezing out so why not take advantage of those cute dresses you have that make you boobs look awesome!  You know what I’m talking about, no need to be shy, we are all friends here.

Here are some handy video tutorials that will help you fill out those cute dresses and tops.   Warning, these aren’t really safe for work, there isn’t nudity but probably don’t want cleveage close-ups on your screen.


How to Fake boobs (extensive) with multiple bras, Safety Pins and makeup- Click image:



Fake Boobs with a good bra and makeup – Click image:



For a quick boost- Click the image:


I hope this have been enlightening and empowering!  <3, Kassi

Our Beauty Regimen – Foundation Application

22 May

After our review of the 100% Pure Fondation we have had a few people ask us how we put on our makeup.  So behold!  We give you Kassi’s foundation beauty regimen!

WARNING: you are about to see me with no makeup on!!!!!

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Product Review – Fake Bake Flawless Sunless Tanner

9 May

With summer fast approaching I know many of you are thinking about getting that health summer glow.  I urge you to stay out of the sun and Fake Bake instead.  No- not tanning beds, those will make you die.

Let me first remind you – I am pale.  I am talking reflective pale up in here.  This is mostly because I gave up any idea of tanning the moment my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and well, because I was a teenage goth girl.

So in order not to blind people while wearing Jorts (jean shorts) or any other leg exposing garments I seriously have to use fake tanner or a bronzer.  Also, being tan makes you appear thinner and makes your muscles look more gun show.  Pew pew.

So my new favorite fake tanner is the Fake Bake Flawless – $14.50 for 6oz from


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