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DIY Make-Up Brush Holder

19 Mar

Very cute and VERY easy and under $10.


Here is your step by step:

  1. Buy a glass container. 
  2. Fill with river rocks or any other kind of stones.
  3. Stick brushes in the rocks, brush side up.

I bought the glass container at Michael’s Crafts for $7.99 and the rocks for $2.99.  

Oh look, here. Have a coupon for 40% off. Image


You could even use some bling-ed out diamond looking vase filler – $5.99 from Amazon


                     “looks essspensive”






Sale Alert – Coastal Scents 88 Palette

19 Jan

OMG.  This is SOOOO worth it.

I use this puppy almost every day.  The colors are awesome, have great staying power – they are comparable to MAC or other high end shadows, especially if you use eye shadow primer.  (I love the NYX HD eyeshadow primer, its cheap and awesome.)


Here is photographic evidence.  Me wearing one of the dark greens.  LOOK AT THE COLOR PAYOFF!!!!


[Even more] MAC lipstick dupes.

19 Dec


Splurge or Steal – Drug Store dupes of Clinique!

12 Nov


Check out Rachel’s Blog: The Life Unsweetened for other amazing money saving tips!

$5.99 DIY Gel Nails

7 Oct


The credit for this amazing find goes to : ANGE @ HairSpray & Heels

Here is her How to:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.46.55 AM

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Philosophy – $20 and under sale

27 Aug


Make-up Hack – How to extend the life of your Mascara

23 Jul

Let’s just start my saying that I’m cheap.  I hate having to buy new Mascara because the MAC Haute and Naughty I’ve been really into lately is $20 a tube.   I really like this mascara because it’s two-in-one.  Hence the name.  😀

  Two brushes in one !


Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to get the most of my mascara when I came across some advice that said to add 5 drops of Saline solution to the tube of mascara when it’s starting to dry out.  And guess what?  It’s freaking works!!!!


reminder- don’t share mascara and always throw it out if you have had an eye infection as you can re-infect yourself.  The same goes for toothbrushes.


My new favorite thing smooth summer legs

7 Jun

So on a whim I bought Johnson & Johnson baby oil.  The shea butter one – because the regular one smells super gross to me.  My clock must be messed up because that baby powder smell doesn’t do it for me.  *gag*


It’s a whole $3.50 at Target and makes my skin feel amazing, I just rub on after I get out of the shower.  I also feel like I have had to shave less which is a freaking miracle if you ask me.  I wonder what happens if you use it to shave with?  Gonna have to perform that for SCIENCE!

Shaving pro-tip: Use a dude razor.  Not disposable though, those suck.


MAC lipstick dupes

4 Jun

MAC lipstick dupes

Jojoba Oil

22 May

Since I just posted about it in my Foundation Beauty Regimen I wanted to share with you guys the wonder that is Jojoba Oil. (Pronounced HO-ho-ba: Think santa claus)

Here are all the uses for it.  TALK ABOUT BUDGET FRIENDLY.