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Style Guide – Hat Head!

14 Nov

We live in Chicago and this week has been so cold!  WINTER IS COMING.

Winter is a great time to grow out our hair and to train your hair to not need to be washed so frequently because you can wear hats!

I have often avoided hats because I feel like they aren’t cute but last year I embraced wearing hats!  Just find a few you love and you will thank me later.  For great, cheap hats try Target or H&m.

Pro tip: if you need to take your hat off (work, restaurant, etc) I recommend keeping dry shampoo on had to help make it look less dirty and less frizzy.  Also, wearing a braided style can help make you look done-up with minimal effort.

Here are some cute styling idea:


chunky knit slouchy beanie with loose waves.


Straight with volume and a statement hat.  Warm and cute!


Beanie, Blazer and waves!  Chic!


Slouchy beanie with side braid.  This would look fabulous with a fishtail braid!


Beret with side braid.  Would look cute with pigtail braids!


ASOS sale alert!

24 Oct

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Tips on how to update your look or change it completely!

16 Oct

I came across this YouTube video from Vintage Vanity, and I thought this was also helpful for incorporating ANY new style into your current wardrobe.

Start small and build!

Fall is the perfect time to change up your look.

Also, this is the perfect time to talk about about my favorite  makeover of all time…Courtney Love.



Here are some additional tips from RedBook Magazine:

1. Look in the mirror. 
Ask yourself: Am I doing this for me or to please someone else? If it’s about you, keep going: How do I want to present myself? What do I feel good about? What do I want to update? Let the changes you make reveal the real you. (Have an outgoing personality? Try some bolder colors!)

2. Clean out your closet. 
Make three piles: one for items that fit well and make you feel great, one for items that need tailoring, and one for items to donate or toss. Clearing out clutter helps you assess what you still need and makes room for a hot new wardrobe — and lets you appreciate what you already own.

3. Find a fashion mentor. 
Share your mission with one of your stylish girlfriends. Ask her to dish her secrets: What designers does she love? Is she free to take you shopping? If you hit the mall solo, get advice from a chic store clerk about what silhouettes and colors might look good on you.

4. Experiment. 
Give yourself permission to try a look that you may think “isn’t you.” Once you step out of your wardrobe safety zone, you’ll see your fashion possibilities in a whole new way. And if the look doesn’t feel quite right, ask yourself which parts did work. You may find a single new element to make your own.

5. Don’t give up. 
The best thing about a style change is that if you don’t love it, you can leave it. New jacket looks a little too funky? Return it! Haircut a bit short? It’ll grow back! As you develop your look, you’ll see what clothes and makeup bring out the best version of you — and build confidence along the way.

Read more: Easy Fashion Tips to Update Your Look and Find Your Style – Redbook
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You should read this great post from Reductress

3 Oct


Kassi is selling a bunch of clothes on eBay

24 Sep

Brands: Express, AllSaints, illig, Lip Service, Tripp nyc, FDCO and more.


Savings Pro Tip! Hair and Beauty on the CHEAP!

23 May


Did you know you can get hair and beauty products at at deep discount at your local TJ Maxx in the States?

Selection varies by store.  Brands spotted in the Chicago area:



Elizabeth Arden




Dr. Denese

The Body Shop


and more!!