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CoverGirl Hunger Games Nail Polish

8 Oct

On-trend and budget friendly – $3.50


These cute little nail polishes are available in drug stores now!


Ultimate MAC lipstick Dupes

8 Oct



CoverGirl teams up with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

4 Oct


On October 1 CoverGirl revealed their Hunger Games inspired line.  Each district from the book has it’s own distinct “look” based what that particular district produces.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hunger Games, what you need to know is that its a dystopian sci-fi setting with 12 different ‘districts’ that each provide specific items to the wealthy capital city.  These resources range from power, lumber, textiles, coal, etc.

You need to check out this website – like RIGHT NOW.  Go HERE.


Each District has a lip, eye and nail product that completes the look.  The styling and hair is amazing.



There are 3 looks that are still not revealed that will be unlocked on Oct 7.  You can purchase items from these sets online via the CoverGirl website and in select stores.

Lighten Up! Daytime summer makeup!

11 Jun

Let’s face it (see what I did there?), unless you are graced with amazing skin (hate you), you need to change up your skin and makeup routines as the Seasons change.

Even though you feel hot, you still want to look hot.  So you don’t want to completely go makeup less.  And you want to enjoy the season.  Be all like:

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We hate dark under eye circles!!

3 Jun

We know you Lovelies don’t want to look like this:

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Update – Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

31 May


Happy Friday!!!!!!!

This is our first update!
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