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Current Obsession – Loose Curls

16 Jan

Now that my hair is ‘boob’ length I am getting excited about doing loose, beachy curls.


I found an excellent video tutorial from the adorable From Head to Toe.Image 

Click the image above for video!

Here is some Hairspirational images for you gals.







Best Red Lipsticks

12 Dec


These beautiful reds range in price – between $6-$26!

The ones I want to try the most are the MAC – Russian Red, the Besume and the Tarte!

Want a $2 dupe of Russian Red – CLICK HERE

Pro-tip: The Smoothest Shave You Will Ever Have.

10 Dec

You are going to think I’m out of my mind!

A while back I had a friend that put herself through school by being a stripper.  That exists, I thought it was just a Made-for-TV movie kind of thing.  Anyway, the point is I once asked her how dancers make sure they are well-groomed in the leg and bikini areas.  [i guess I ask weird things.]

Today I will share this secret with you.  You won’t believe me, but then for some reason you will try it and will thank me.  In a private message.

The secret to a super smooth shave: Lube.

Yes, lubricant. As in, condom aisle.


Here is the trick.   You want to get a high quality silicone based lubricant [Ultra by Wicked] otherwise it’s way too drying and not worth the money.  I would recommend first starting by using it for special occasions as Winter can be drying as is.  But honestly, silicon based lube can be used as a moisturizer so it shouldn’t dry you out.  Water-based lubricants totally will.

How to use:  Use it in the shower or bath as you normally would.  Be careful as it can get a bit slippery if it gets on your shower floor.  I recommend shaving at the end of your shower after your follicles have opened up and after exfoliating.  Use a high quality razor, not some disposal razor.  Those have been proven to not work as well as the non-disposable kind.  I am a Mach3 man razor kinda gal.  You might also like the Venus, if you aren’t up for dude razors.

Just so you know I’m not insane and just making this all up.  Sex Educator, Sunny Megatron, also mentions this use for Silicon lubricants in THIS article.  She also uses it de-frizz her hair, for squeaky doors and for dry skin.

Enjoy your baby soft legs.  🙂

Urban Decay – Naked 3

9 Dec

The launch of this new palette is super exciting!  I love my Naked 2 palette and use it several times a week.  The colors are beautiful and have excellent staying power and the case is strong enough that I have taken it on two vacations.

Here is the new Naked 3.  It has more rosy hues than the previous Naked palettes but all the shimmer you have come to expect.


It retails for $52 and consists of 12 colors, a mirror and a brush.

Here ya go- a swatch comparison for each of the Nakeds.


AND a tutorial from Keiko Lynn to show you how this actually looks on a person. CLICK HERE for the detailed step by step.


Contour Guide

15 Nov


Easy Contour – E and C

14 Nov

I just bought NYX Bronzer and Illuminator from Ulta because it was buy one get one half off and I had a coupon.

So I was inspired to find a handy guide on Pinterest on how to use these products.  Thought I would share.



Waterfall Braid – cute and easy

16 Oct

Braids are always cute and a quick way to change up your look.  The waterfall braid is a nice option as it’s easier than a french braid and it good for work, school or even going out.


It also looks great with straight or curly hair!  And with all hair colors. 🙂


Here is a nice little video tutorial for waterfall braids: The Waterfall Braid 

How to Fake having Big Boobs

20 Sep

Ladies, it’s practically the weekend and still not freezing out so why not take advantage of those cute dresses you have that make you boobs look awesome!  You know what I’m talking about, no need to be shy, we are all friends here.

Here are some handy video tutorials that will help you fill out those cute dresses and tops.   Warning, these aren’t really safe for work, there isn’t nudity but probably don’t want cleveage close-ups on your screen.


How to Fake boobs (extensive) with multiple bras, Safety Pins and makeup- Click image:



Fake Boobs with a good bra and makeup – Click image:



For a quick boost- Click the image:


I hope this have been enlightening and empowering!  <3, Kassi


10 Sep