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Fake Eyelashes – are two sets better than one?

4 Dec


The other day my friend’s eyelashes looked amazing!  I guess she gets complimented all the time and asked what mascara she uses – of course, it’s fake lashes.  But her secret: wear two pairs stacked together.  Like natural looking, thin lashes.  So that they are bold but not as overboard as some of the super thick lashes you find in the store.

What do you guys think?  Have any of you tried this?


Make-up Hack – How to extend the life of your Mascara

23 Jul

Let’s just start my saying that I’m cheap.  I hate having to buy new Mascara because the MAC Haute and Naughty I’ve been really into lately is $20 a tube.   I really like this mascara because it’s two-in-one.  Hence the name.  😀

  Two brushes in one !


Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to get the most of my mascara when I came across some advice that said to add 5 drops of Saline solution to the tube of mascara when it’s starting to dry out.  And guess what?  It’s freaking works!!!!


reminder- don’t share mascara and always throw it out if you have had an eye infection as you can re-infect yourself.  The same goes for toothbrushes.


Update – Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

31 May


Happy Friday!!!!!!!

This is our first update!
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E.L.F.Dramatic Lashes – the best $1.00 you are about to spend!

5 Apr

So in our last post we talked about mascara – Let’s face it, you want your lashes to look like big, full doll lashes, but you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard.  I know, I know fake lashes make you feel like you are going to look like a drag queen.  (which drag queens always look great, so why are you complaining lil miss judgey pants.)


But fake lashes are sooo hard to put on and take soooo much time!?

WRONG!  With just a little practice you can get these babies on lickity-split, plus you look INSTANTLY more fantastic and ‘done up.’  If you mess up, just apply some eyeliner to cover up your mistakes.

Ok, I will give them a try.  But do will they be heavy or hurt to wear?

Babycakes, they only hurt if you don’t cut them to fit your lid.  Measure them before you apply and cut off as much as you need from the inner corner edge.  If you mess up, they are only $1 at your local Target.

Ok, I already LOVE fake lashes -but ELF, come on get real.  They have to suck.

Ladypants, get ready to send us a Thank You card.