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Julep – Finally cancelled!

19 Nov

So, success?

To recap, I made the initial call to cancel my Julep Maven Monthly Subscription on Tuesday the 12th.  I received the confirmation of the cancel request on Tuesday, the 19th.

Perhaps I am jaded in our instant gratification lifestyle, but I think if a company is willing to take your money and subscribe you immediately it should be willing to let you go just as fast.

I was seriously worried that they wouldn’t accept my cancellation in time and I would be charged for another month.  That’s sort of a crazy fear, isn’t it?  I don’t think I should have to worry about something like that especially if I made the cancellation request in ample time before their billing date.

But, I was worried.  Especially since a girl on their Facebook page said she had been waiting for over a week for them to get back to her about her cancellation request.

I am not knocking Julep’s products. I’m not even dissatisfied with their service, I just didn’t want more nail polish and I wanted to try another beauty box.  Their boxes were always shipped timely, always packaged beautifully, and their product quality is great.

It’s just this cancellation thing that has me seriously upset.  Upset enough to complain about it on here, A LOT.  🙂 So thanks for listening!

I really hope Julep makes changes to how they handle cancellations.



We are now an Approved Blogger

16 Oct


What does this mean?  We have enough following to get some backing from top fashion labels via samples and contests!  This is exciting news for us.  And we have YOU to thank!

Because of this we will be able to review some higher end products we wouldn’t normally be able to get on hands on so we can tell you if it’s worth spending your hard earned money on.

We are dedicated to providing you guys with top notch, amusing and honest insights.  No one can buy our honesty.

Beauty product giveaway- Win free stuff!

28 Aug


CLICK HERE – to be entered into the drawing.

 We will not do anything shady with your info like sell it to companies and what not.

Subscription Boxes + coupons

17 Jul

After our surprise controversy yesterday sharing THIS post on Julep’s Facebook page it got me thinking about what other subscription boxes are out there.

This blogger has the most comprehensive list of subscription boxes i have seen- makeup, clothing, food, crafts, pets, etc.


Also provided are money saving coupons for various subscription boxes.  Click HERE for coupons.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – helpful hints

30 May

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - helpful hints

…we need to find a dupe for this palette.


(update – i found a dupe but i want to try it first.  Follow us on facebook to stay informed!)

Pro-tip: Pinterest

29 May

There are many amazing ideas on Pinterest but please make sure you research them a bit before trying.

For example, there is a very popular pin going around right now about using brown sugar and water to straighten hair with no heat.  This doesn’t work.  Its totally just a ploy to see if people will do it.

Read more: Here and Here.


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