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Hair update – I can now wear a braid!

21 Oct

Hi lovelies!!!  My hair is getting longer!!!  I can wear  french braid.  Fancy stylez.

2013-10-18 09.39.35 2013-10-18 09.40.36

It’s tucked under so a little itty bitty tail doesn’t hang out since that’s NOT cute.



Waterfall Braid – cute and easy

16 Oct

Braids are always cute and a quick way to change up your look.  The waterfall braid is a nice option as it’s easier than a french braid and it good for work, school or even going out.


It also looks great with straight or curly hair!  And with all hair colors. 🙂


Here is a nice little video tutorial for waterfall braids: The Waterfall Braid 

Easy Hair – Braided Hair Headband

14 Oct

I am no hair wizard so I am always trying to find new and easy ways to style my hair.  The braided headband is SO easy and people are so impressed by it, especially since they don’t make those fake hair braids in BrightassRed.

ImageLove this look?  Here is how you do it!


Take a small section from behind one ear.  Braid it.  Swoop it over.  Pin it.  done.

Hair too short to make it all the way over your dome or you want a thicker headband?  No problemo!  TWO BRAIDS.  One from each side.


Here is the HOW TO!


As you can see, this is the same process as the single braid method except you repeat on the other side as well.

This style looks great with up-dos or with your hair down.  With bangs or without!

Here is me rocking a braid with an up-do:


5 Must-Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

5 Sep

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Love those braided looks!!

5 Must-Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

August 31, 2013 by SallieO

5 Must-Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

Fall of 2013 hair trends are all about simple, clean, and chic. No matter what look, texture, or length, here are five ways to get the trendy looks of the season. Great for a day running errands, weekend brunch, a day at work or a night on the town, each look goes well with jeans or a cocktail dress. Have fun with it!

Stylish Fall Hairstyles to Try This 2013

unknown 5 Must Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

1. Low Side-Ponytail. Quite possibly the easiest ‘do to get done, simply pull your locks to the side and wrap with an elastic band or ribbon. Great messy or sleek, play around with the ideal texture for your length and type of hair. My favorite touch is to tease up the ponytail – it gives volume and that classic “bedhead” look I’m obsessed with.

images 2 5 Must Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

2. Hidden Braid.  The infamous Kim does it well. I love the hidden braid because you can customize it to fit your hair and look. My favorite spin on the style is to take a lock underneath and to the side, then braid it loose. Go for one and done or several and tiny – however you feel, there’s no going wrong with this one!

images 3 5 Must Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

3. The Barrette. Very hip and a small blast from the past, this look you can style high, low, straight back, or to the side. My go-to is a vintage barrette and by way of simple pin to the side. I also love swapping a classic hair-tie for the pin – same overall look but with a twist.

images 11 5 Must Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

4. Looped Fishtail. Of the more time-consuming looks I love, still, for the time you spend you get much more look for your minute than you’d ever expect. Here is a tutorial for the classic.

unknown 2 5 Must Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

5. Volumed Straight. My go-to for day and night, simply straighten your hair and throughout, tease and scrunch your hair at the roots. The end result is a straight mane that has some bounce. Easy and beautiful!

Do you have your own ideas for smashing fall hairstyles to add to our list? Tell us in the comments!

Summer hair trends – buns and braids!

17 May

So many pretty choices for summer hair!

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