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Battle of the Leave-Ins – Matrix Edition

16 Dec

My hair stylist friend,  cares about my hair and supplies me with fun treatments to try.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been alternating between these two Matrix leave-in products.

 What I am using:

Total Results

Miracle Treat 12™ Lotion Spray


From Matrix:

Miracle Treat 12 benefits for color-treated hair:

• Helps protect color-treated hair

• Detangles

• Helps seal the hair from damage

• Helps prevent breakage

• Maximizes natural body

• Smoothes the cuticle

• Deeply conditions

• Helps strengthen hair

• Instant silkiness

• Increases manageability

• Tames frizz

• Helps restore shine

– See more at:

My thoughts
I thought this was the most shine boosting leave-in I’ve used to date.
Tames frizz for a few days.
Lightweight.  It’s like air
I like the fragrance.  It made my hair smell nice for a full day.
I don’t think this is the best for detangling, so brush hair slowly to prevent breakage when it’s wet.
Doesn’t strip my color!
From the same line –

Total Results

Moisture Cure™ 2-Phase Treatment


From Matrix:

2-Phase Sensation:

  • White Phase: Smoothness + Intense Shine
  • Blue Phase: Lasting Moisture + Softness

Revitalizes internal and external hair fiber. Lightweight formula with low pH helps seal cuticle. Incredible detangler and leave-in conditioner. Helps protect hair from environmental aggressors.

– See more at:

My thoughts
I honestly don’t see much difference between these two products.
I do think this was is slightly better for detangling.
I love the fragrance.
The Miracle 12 is more a treatment than just a leave-in or detangler, so on that basis I like that product better.
You can buy these on Amazon, Ulta, and beauty salons, Walgreens.  These run about $16.00 for a full size 5.1 Fl Oz.
Will I repurchase?
Of course!
Have you tried the Matrix Total Results line?  Do you have a favorite leave-in conditioner?

Aquage – gonna give these a try

5 Jun

I just got back from getting my hair cut – just a trim as I’m trying to grow this mane out.

My stylist recommend these two products for me:


“Look at my sweet Jeggings!”

Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray is like a 3 in one dealy – its protects against heat, makes your hair shinny and acts like a hairspray.  It also makes your hair look and even feel thicker.  It’s awesome for waves!  I only just used it today so I really don’t feel confident to review it just yet (stay tuned for that)  but you can read other people’s reviews HERE.

Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment is for before you blow-dry your hair.  It helps protect against frizz but also speeds up your blow-dry time so you do less damage AND it protects your color.  AMAZING.  I call it the Magic Sauce.  I have only just used it today but here are other people’s reviews on MakeUp Alley.

I will get back to you guys on my experiences with these products.  I do like the way they smell – just like natural clean smells and kind of oceanie.  You can find them by using their Salon Locator.  Only indie salons carry it, so you can’t find it at Ulta.

Here is what my hair looks like so you can get an idea of how these products work for curls.


btw- I go to Orbit Salon in Wicker Park to my homegirl Samantha.