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How my hair color is holding up – an update post

5 Oct

It’s been a few weeks now since I changed my hair.  I’ve been using the Gemlites system.

So here is the side by side comparison:

Left is the brand new color – Right is yesterday

These were both taken outside, with natural light.  No filter.

So what do you guys think?  Is the color holding up?

I think it’s faded a bit and it’s less ruby and more red, but that’s okay.

Here is the post that lists the products we used during the coloring process, if you are interested.

Thanks for reading!



Hair Extension Brand Review – Hotheads

23 May


Hair! Glorious Hair!


During my journey with hair extensions, I had two different hair brands on my head.  I decided to do a review on the hair for both brands, in case anyone is looking for feedback on the actual product

Please note – hair care for both brands is virtually the same.  

1) be gentle

2) don’t yank or pull your hair too much

3) be careful with pulled back hair styles such as ponytails

4) don’t use shampoos or conditioners with sulfates or alcohol or oil

5) don’t blast your tapes with heat – it will melt your glue

6) listen to all advice your hair care professional will give you

Something else to keep in my mind, your hair will look different based on how your stylist installs them.  Everyone has a different technique on how they place the tapes on the head.  This is a large investment for you, so please pick a qualified stylist.  Also, be prepared to spend a lot of time in her/his chair because your maintenance appointments will run 2-3 hours depending on what other services you are having.  So, I hope you really like your stylist 🙂

Quick plug –  If you are in the Northwest Chicago/Suburban area, my friend Elyse did my extensions both times. She’s an amazing stylist and I would recommend her to anyone wanting awesome, funky, edgy, beautiful, and healthy hair. Here is her website.

On to the hair review –

In the picture above, I am wearing Hotheads Extensions.

Hotheads Pros

 Hair Texture.  – Even though this hair was slightly frizzy, I liked it because it was a perfect match for my own slightly frizzy hair.  One of my favorite ways of wearing these extensions was just wash and go.  They dried in waves and blended perfectly with my own waves.  Overall, I thought it felt finer and softer than Babe brand I had later (that review will be posted soon)

Stylability – I found these extensions held a curl a lot longer and curled better.  My curls were much tighter and would last 3 days with minimal fuss in the mornings.

Hotheads Cons

Color deposit on the hair – Even though we color matched and dyed the extension to match my hair color, the extensions had a slightly pinkier shade than my own hair.

Shedding – Wow, these things shed SO MUCH.  I clogged so many drains, Drano loved me.  There was long red hair all over the house, it was rather annoying.  Also, with so much shedding, the thickness of my hair was visibly affected.  After about 3 months, my hair looked much thinner.

Knot creation on hair at tapes – this goes along with the shedding, the hair tangles around itself, causing knots.  Knots all the time.

Hair appearance start to finish – When it was time to replace this hair, you could really tell.  The bottom of my hair was really scraggly.  It looked DONE.

Would I get this brand again?  

Maybe, especially if they fixed the shedding problem.  I’m saying this because I happen to like the hair texture since it matched my hair.  If you are pretty smooth hair, you would be screaming in frustration with these.

I hope I preemptively answered any questions you lovelies may have.  If you are looking for a review on the extension experience itself, click here.


New Fave – Garnier Fructis Haircare Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo for Fine or Flat Hair

18 Nov

I heard about this on a YouTube video and wanted to try it for myself.


This smells so good!  Important for us non-blonds, this blends with your hair really well.  Even on reds.

Also, it’s only $5.99

Go get you some!


What’s your favorite dry shampoo?  Do  you use dry shampoo?

DIY hair mask disaster!

12 Nov

The lovely Maria from  Beauty on a Budget wrote a wonderful post about DIY hair masks last week.  Check out her fun blog 🙂

I decided to do one, and I failed…I FAILED HARD.

It all started out great.  Olive oil, honey, banana…what can go wrong?

What I used:

1 banana (peeled)

2 tablespoons of honey

1 cap full of olive oil


I mixed it all in a cup.  I made sure the banana was really well mashed.  It turned out to be almost liquid.


I put it on my hair and  covered with a plastic bag because this was pretty watery and drippy.

I left it on my hair for 20 minutes and then I rinsed and washed my hair.  I conditioned as normal.

And then my hair was left with this ALL OVER MY HEAD


My hair was so dry and tangled, I couldn’t even get a comb through it.  I had to condition it two more times after this, just to get it manageable.  It still hasn’t fully recovered.

It’s like the banana solidified on my head and then turn to rubber.  Or a balloon exploded on my head.

Pro-tip, if you are allergic to latex, you may want to watch your banana consumption.

I have no idea what I did wrong. All I know that is my hair is not moisturized.


Hair update – I can now wear a braid!

21 Oct

Hi lovelies!!!  My hair is getting longer!!!  I can wear  french braid.  Fancy stylez.

2013-10-18 09.39.35 2013-10-18 09.40.36

It’s tucked under so a little itty bitty tail doesn’t hang out since that’s NOT cute.


Headband Hair Tuck Tutorial

20 Oct

Super easy and super cute!  We both rocked this style a ton this summer as we are both growing out our hair.

You literally just put and elastic headband on over your hair and then tuck and roll your hair up and over the elastic band.  That is it!


Waterfall Braid – cute and easy

16 Oct

Braids are always cute and a quick way to change up your look.  The waterfall braid is a nice option as it’s easier than a french braid and it good for work, school or even going out.


It also looks great with straight or curly hair!  And with all hair colors. 🙂


Here is a nice little video tutorial for waterfall braids: The Waterfall Braid 

Easy Hair – Braided Hair Headband

14 Oct

I am no hair wizard so I am always trying to find new and easy ways to style my hair.  The braided headband is SO easy and people are so impressed by it, especially since they don’t make those fake hair braids in BrightassRed.

ImageLove this look?  Here is how you do it!


Take a small section from behind one ear.  Braid it.  Swoop it over.  Pin it.  done.

Hair too short to make it all the way over your dome or you want a thicker headband?  No problemo!  TWO BRAIDS.  One from each side.


Here is the HOW TO!


As you can see, this is the same process as the single braid method except you repeat on the other side as well.

This style looks great with up-dos or with your hair down.  With bangs or without!

Here is me rocking a braid with an up-do:


Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends

10 Oct

According to Cosmo 🙂 Click here to see all of them:

cos-01-kate-upton-jGjhCE-de cos-02-jennifer-lawrence-RyQjWs-de cos-01-nicole-richie-lgn cos-02-blake-lively-lgn cos-03-jessica-chastain-kolaeS-de cos-03-amy-adams-lgn cos-04-christina-hendricks-lgn cos-06-jessica-biel-lgn cos-08-michelle-tractenberg-lgn

More Hair – Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment

23 Sep

2013-09-20 09.23.40

ExuisiteOil Protective Treatment by Biolage Matrix

My friend got me this as a “thanks for cleaning up my cats’ poop while I am away on a fantastic vacation and you are stuck in ugly Chicago weather”.

I haven’t used it yet.  It doubles as a treatment and a shine enhancer.  Intrigue!!!!

From Matrix:

  • Mix with your shampoo and conditioner for maximum brilliance
  • Use for a massage before shampooing like an oil for a special treatment
  • Smooth on dry lengths and ends for immediate luster
  • Use on face-framing pieces for simple control and manageability
  • Leave on extra-dry ends overnight for a non-greasy treatment
  • Ultimate styling aid for blow dryer or flat iron
  • Add to any treatment for added brilliance, softness and manageability

– See more at:

My hair is crazy dry in the winter, so I’m looking forward to using this is a treatment then.  But I am thinking this may be amazing to add shine on no wash days.  That is, once I start wearing my hair down again.  Right now, it’s tucked into a headband almost every day because growing out your hair from a bob is the absolute worst.

Have you lovelies tried this?  Thoughts????