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Review – Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oils

13 Aug

I received a sample of the Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oils from PinchMe. PinchMe is a service where you can elect to receive free samples of stuff and then write a brief review.  If you like free swag, this may be your thing.  Click here.


It comes in three different formulas : Deep Nourish, Frizz Defy, and Color Illuminate.


The product retails for around $5.99 so it’s really budget friendly.

Garnier claims that it can be used 5 different ways:

Hair oil treatment for dry, damaged hair.

This hair oil treatment for dry, damaged hair, with custom-blended Cupuaçu & Brazilnut oil, nourishes and helps repair.

How to use:

Marvelous Oil can be used in any of 5 ways! Try a different use each day.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Apply to hair (wet or dry) before shampooing to help prime hair locks for gentle cleaning.
2. Boost Conditioning: Add 1 or 2 drops to your conditioner to help get rid of pesky knots and tangles.
3. Blow-Dry Protector: Apply to damp to help protect when blow drying.
4. Finish With Hi-Watt Shine: Apply to damp or dry ends to help smooth split ends and tame flyaways.
5. Treat Hair Overnight: To restore softness while you sleep, work into wet or dry hair and leave in overnight.

My thoughts

I used Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oils 4 out of the 5 possible ways.  I didn’t put it in my conditioner.

I think this is one of the better drug store hair products and hair oils. I regularly use a Matrix Oil, and this isn’t too far off from the high end product. Would I repurchase?  I don’t know. I love the Matrix product so I don’t see a reason to switch.  However, if I needed to make a choice between a $6 bottle or a $20 bottle, I would pick the Garnier.

It smells super fruity, like a typical Garnier product.  The scent doesn’t linger very long, but it does stick around for a bit.  I think it smells delightful.

I wasn’t crazy about the color.  It was very yellow. Sort of reminded me of olive oil.  However, it did absorb quickly and it didn’t weight my hair down.

Have you tried Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oils?



Review: Matrix Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment

13 Dec

One of my hairdresser friends gave this to me as a gift. She knows my hair well and knows I’m always complaining my hair is frizzy.  Sometimes I like it frizzy, and she hates it. :-p


From Matrix:

Product Description

Protective Treatment is a versatile serum infused with Moringa Oil Blend. This ultimate potion gives hair instant shine, nourishment and control.

ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment has received the “Good Housekeeping” seal!

– See more at:

7 Uses

Mix with your shampoo and conditioner for maximum brilliance

Use for a massage before shampooing like an oil for a special treatment

Smooth on dry lengths and ends for immediate luster

Use on face-framing pieces for simple control and manageability

Leave on extra-dry ends overnight for a non-greasy treatment

Ultimate styling aid for blow dryer or flat iron

Add to any treatment for added brilliance, softness and manageability

– See more at:

How I have used it:

1) As an overnight treatment

2) As a detangling agent after washing my hair

3) On dry hair to control frizz, smooth, and get shiny, girl

My thoughts:

I really like this product.  I love how versatile it is!  I don’t worry about it weighing by hair down and I don’t worry about it rubbing off on my pillows at night.

It smells okay, but the fragrance doesn’t hang around too long.

I’m just reading that I can mix it with shampoo and conditioner, so I will be trying this next.

Would I recommend?

Yes, if you are looking for an oil.  It’s good on frizzy hair.  But it doesn’t give it a huge BAM type shine.  So if you are looking for a more slick look, this may not be the product for you.

Have you tried the Matrix Exquisite Oil?