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What I’m into right now – Brown Eye Liner

6 Dec

I received a double ended brown/black liner from Julep a while ago and I got one from Paula Dorf years ago.  I fall in and out of love with this shade, but right now I’m way hard into it.

Big bonus – you can go heaver on the liner for work.

It looks appropriate for fall/winter.

Blends nicely with other browns and neutrals for the season.

Since it isn’t as harsh as black, you can get away with a festive red lip at work as well.  Big bonus…this girl likes her red lips.  MWAH!


How do you feel about brown eyeliner?



Julep – Finally cancelled!

19 Nov

So, success?

To recap, I made the initial call to cancel my Julep Maven Monthly Subscription on Tuesday the 12th.  I received the confirmation of the cancel request on Tuesday, the 19th.

Perhaps I am jaded in our instant gratification lifestyle, but I think if a company is willing to take your money and subscribe you immediately it should be willing to let you go just as fast.

I was seriously worried that they wouldn’t accept my cancellation in time and I would be charged for another month.  That’s sort of a crazy fear, isn’t it?  I don’t think I should have to worry about something like that especially if I made the cancellation request in ample time before their billing date.

But, I was worried.  Especially since a girl on their Facebook page said she had been waiting for over a week for them to get back to her about her cancellation request.

I am not knocking Julep’s products. I’m not even dissatisfied with their service, I just didn’t want more nail polish and I wanted to try another beauty box.  Their boxes were always shipped timely, always packaged beautifully, and their product quality is great.

It’s just this cancellation thing that has me seriously upset.  Upset enough to complain about it on here, A LOT.  🙂 So thanks for listening!

I really hope Julep makes changes to how they handle cancellations.


Nails – how to wear black nails at work

30 Oct

I have a corporate job with a crazy strict dress code.  Although I push the dress code A LOT (have you seen the color of my hair??

That said, I’m not down with completely being the weird chick at work.  Even though I wanted to wear black nails for a while, I didn’t feel brave enough to rock the boat more.

So, I self compromised with how I wore black nails.  Both of these are from Julep.


The black is actually matte-ish, looks like latex.


I feel accomplished.


Julep – why it’s annoying….

15 Jul


Ok, Julep is a cute little service that sends you a monthly beauty box.  Most of it is hand or nails centered.  I gave it a try but I don’t personally feel like it’s worth the $20 a month (anna likes it and is keeping it.)

But the SUPER annoying thing is that they make it impossible to cancel.  You have to call the between specific hours as they can not cancel your account online for “security reasons.”

The annoying part is I signed up for just one month and they started me on a complete subscription   I guess I should have read the fine print.  Aww well, my bad.



I called the cancelation number.  After 6 mins on hold I was transferred to a voicemail that told me to leave my info and that they would take care of it when they were done helping other customers.  Just seems shady.  How come it’s a security risk if I cancel on a secure https site that took my credit card info but not a risk to leave a voicemail on some phone line?

*update 2*

account cancelled. Received an confirmation email an hour after I called.


DISCLAIMER-  I am not complaining about being charged for the subscription I accidentally (yes, i take ownership of this) signed up for when getting the free box but I am complaining about how it is complicated to cancel your account.