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Quick review on Models Own Nail Polish

5 Aug

Ipsy gave a number of winners for me in July.  And a number of them were surprise winners.

The bareMinerals 5-In-1 BB Cream Shadow was one.

The Models Own Nail Polish in Red Sea was the other.


The reason I wanted to review this is because the texture of this polish is different than most.

Models Own is more of a gel than a standard nail polish.

What does this mean?  Well,  it means it’s more chunky than what you are used to.

Is this bad?  Could be.  It can look lumpy especially since this has glitter along with the gel consistency.

Can it be good?  YES. Especially when used on your toes.   This does NOT chip.

I probably wouldn’t use this on my hands, I’m loving it as a summer pedicure.  Love the shade for summer!  If you check out their website, they have some amazing shades!

What did you think of it?



Healthy Nails – growing long and strong!

3 Feb

Last year Kassi and I both had major nail drama.  In short, our nails were a disaster.  We wrote about it here and here.

Nailtiques fixed the peeling and breaking problem like a champion


New problem? Dryness, especially in the cuticles.

Solution?  More Nailtiques, of course!


So what’s different?  Switching from Formula 2 for brittle/peeling nails to Formula 1 to maintain a healthy nail.



Nailtiques Oil Therapy to apply to cuticles.  I’m sort of crazy about this scent.  It’s kind of citrusy and perfumey.  Likey.


Nailtiques is available at Ulta, CVS, Walgreens.  We both really like it.  We have crazy strong nails, all thanks to these little vials.



Nail Trend: OPI Ski Teal We Drop

12 Nov



This color is perfect for fall – winter.  Wouldn’t it be super cute with a glittery contrast nail?!  Or you can add a matte top coat to it like Essie Matte About you!

DIY Gradient Nails! Tutorial

4 Nov

Found this tutorial, it looks pretty easy!


Nails – how to wear black nails at work

30 Oct

I have a corporate job with a crazy strict dress code.  Although I push the dress code A LOT (have you seen the color of my hair??

That said, I’m not down with completely being the weird chick at work.  Even though I wanted to wear black nails for a while, I didn’t feel brave enough to rock the boat more.

So, I self compromised with how I wore black nails.  Both of these are from Julep.


The black is actually matte-ish, looks like latex.


I feel accomplished.


October must have – Matte Nail Polish.

22 Oct

It’s time to update your fall colors, especially with nails.  Using a matte top coat to change the texture of your current polish is an easy, and cheap, way to change up your manicure.

My favorite Matte top coat is Essie “Matte About You” – It’s $10 at Ulta.


Look at how excellent black looks matte:


and grey!


Dark Blue.


Or do a combo of Matte and Shiny



Nail Inspiration

17 Oct


Fall Polish – Milani: Hipster Plum

16 Oct


WANT!  What a lovely plum hue.  Perfect for fall.  It’s $3.49 at

October 2013 Julep Maven Box

15 Oct

Kassi and I disagree on our love of Julep…I love …Kassi not so much.

I am never disappointed in my Maven Boxes.  I always love the color picks and the beauty products.

This month is no exception.


And the beauty product?  An dual eye liner and a sharpener.  One end is glittery brown, the other black.  The Black end is amazing for tight lining your eyes.   And I’m terrible at the tight line.

20131005_145600 20131005_145614

These nail colors are crazy good.


Halloween Blood spatter Nails

11 Oct


Pairs well with these:

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 7.09.24 PM