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Battle of the Leave-Ins – Matrix Edition

16 Dec

My hair stylist friend,  cares about my hair and supplies me with fun treatments to try.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been alternating between these two Matrix leave-in products.

 What I am using:

Total Results

Miracle Treat 12™ Lotion Spray


From Matrix:

Miracle Treat 12 benefits for color-treated hair:

• Helps protect color-treated hair

• Detangles

• Helps seal the hair from damage

• Helps prevent breakage

• Maximizes natural body

• Smoothes the cuticle

• Deeply conditions

• Helps strengthen hair

• Instant silkiness

• Increases manageability

• Tames frizz

• Helps restore shine

– See more at:

My thoughts
I thought this was the most shine boosting leave-in I’ve used to date.
Tames frizz for a few days.
Lightweight.  It’s like air
I like the fragrance.  It made my hair smell nice for a full day.
I don’t think this is the best for detangling, so brush hair slowly to prevent breakage when it’s wet.
Doesn’t strip my color!
From the same line –

Total Results

Moisture Cure™ 2-Phase Treatment


From Matrix:

2-Phase Sensation:

  • White Phase: Smoothness + Intense Shine
  • Blue Phase: Lasting Moisture + Softness

Revitalizes internal and external hair fiber. Lightweight formula with low pH helps seal cuticle. Incredible detangler and leave-in conditioner. Helps protect hair from environmental aggressors.

– See more at:

My thoughts
I honestly don’t see much difference between these two products.
I do think this was is slightly better for detangling.
I love the fragrance.
The Miracle 12 is more a treatment than just a leave-in or detangler, so on that basis I like that product better.
You can buy these on Amazon, Ulta, and beauty salons, Walgreens.  These run about $16.00 for a full size 5.1 Fl Oz.
Will I repurchase?
Of course!
Have you tried the Matrix Total Results line?  Do you have a favorite leave-in conditioner?

June Empties!!!! What I Used Up!

1 Jul

How is it July already?   This year is flying by faster then Kim Kardashian changing husbands.  Oh snap!

I went through a lot of products in June.  Check this!


Hair stuff


Matrix Total Results Color Care Conditioner.  This is my current fave.  I’ve been using it for a few months.  I love it….but I’m getting bored.  I’ve been getting interested in TIGI again.  I love how that smells too.


Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner.  This was a Birchbox sample.  Honestly, the samples were so small there wasn’t enough of either product for my hair.  Based on how much I was able to work into my hair, not impressed.   This may be due to how tiny the samples were.  Whatevers…I won’t be buying it.  If companies really want us to fall in love with a product, you need to give us an amount we can actually use.


Fleur de Temps conditioner.  This was another Birchbox item.  Strangely, this came with shampoo of which there was a lot more than the conditioner.  Why?

This claims to be volumizing and it was. It frizzed me out so my hair was huge.


Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner.  I got this during a recent hotel stay.   I’m not the biggest fan of Aveda, I don’t complain when my room is filled with it.  I like the way this works on my hair.  It’s a fun change.


Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Leave In.  I loved the way this smells.  It did a good job on detangling.


Big Sexy Hair Spray.  Love it!



ELF Make up Set and Mist – repurchase


Glytone Toner – repurchase


Beauty Junkees make up sponge.  I like it, but I want to try the Real Techniques one.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara – a fave



Vaseline Intensive Care – repurchase


Caress Daily Silk – meh


Private Bloom Hamptons Perfume sample.  Pretty, but I wouldn’t buy it.

What did you use up in June?


February Empties!

13 Mar

I have been allergic to writing this post or something. Sorry it is so late.


Matrix Total Results Color Care Conditioner.  I loved this stuff.  I am repurchasing.


Eco Friendly Living Dry Shampoo.  This was an Etsy buy and I’ve reviewed it here.  It lasted me almost a year!  I really like this product and I will probably repurchase.  I alternate between this and drug store dry shampoos.


Nivea Creme.  This was seriously a life saver during our coldest Chicago days.  I went through this tube in a month. I will remember to get this again next winter.  Seriously good stuff.


Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiance.  Reviewed here.


Pixi Lash Booster Mascara. Reviewed here.  I don’t think I will be buying this now that I discovered L’oreal!


Armani Night fragrance.  I think this may be discontinued.  I finally forced myself to use up all my old perfumes.


Beauty Protector reviewed here.


Nailtiques – amazing. Proof here.


L’occitane Hand Cream.  Lovely scent, but not as moisturizing as Nivea.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oil imps in Cheshire Cat, Pool of Tears, Iambe.  I liked these, but I am moving away from oils now, so I am trying to go through my huge collection of BPAL imps.


Korean BB samples.  That review is pending since I am still going through my sample stash.


Hope you enjoyed!


Bam! How to get big beauty queen hair!

21 Jan

“Got my hair up real big beauty queen style” – Summertime Sadness, Lana Del Rey

My stylist friend introduced me to the Matrix Mega Dust.


What is it?  It’s a texturing powder.

What does it do?  It gives your hair volume

How do you use it?

Sprinkle small amounts in your hair along the hair line.  I like to use it in the back and the sides to give my hair oomph.  Take small sections of hair in the back and at the crown, sort of like if you were lifting it to tease it.  Sprinkle, then move to the next section (either a row down or to the side) and sprinkle again.

Run your fingers through it to activate it.  It becomes tacky on your hair.  Not everyone may like this, so keep it in mind when you buy it.

Added bonus 

When partnered with a dry shampoo this helps prolong your time between shampoos by keeping your hair from going flat.