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Julep November 2013 Maven Box

8 Nov

Here is my latest Julep box.  I need to admit that as much as I enjoy Julep, I am considering cancelling the monthly subscription.   At this point I have more nail polish bottles than I can probably use in a life time.

I wish there was an option to temporarily suspend the service instead of opting to skip every month or cancelling.  I don’t receive the monthly email from Julep letting me know my box was ready and this is the time to place it on hold or send to someone one.  And I keep track of way too many things in my life to add one more thing I need to worry about…so yeah…I am cancel.  Let me know of other beauty boxes that are on the market.  I already get Ipsy and Kassi gets Birchbox.

Fotor1108133035 Fotor1108135443

I love the color of that lip gloss!  Prefect berry for Fall/Winter.



October 2013 Julep Maven Box

15 Oct

Kassi and I disagree on our love of Julep…I love …Kassi not so much.

I am never disappointed in my Maven Boxes.  I always love the color picks and the beauty products.

This month is no exception.


And the beauty product?  An dual eye liner and a sharpener.  One end is glittery brown, the other black.  The Black end is amazing for tight lining your eyes.   And I’m terrible at the tight line.

20131005_145600 20131005_145614

These nail colors are crazy good.


September 2013 Julep Maven Box – Bombshell box!

11 Sep

2013-09-04 20.39.42 2013-09-04 20.37.13


I’m a bombshell now!  I am loving on the bronzey/winey/glittery one called Karmen.  I’m rocking it right now.  Boom, glitter nails.

The real winner of this box is the facial cleansing oil.  It is called the Bare Face Cleansing oil $22.40 if you are a Maven, Otherwise it’s $28.00.

My review:  This actually takes off most of my waterproof mascaras.   The formulas that an actual makeup remover had trouble removing, this stuff succeeds.  It smells so good.  Sort of citrusy. Feels good on the skin, and It is actually helping with my stupid blackhead problem on my nose.

For real, I now look forward to washing my face at night.  Unless this gives me a wart or something catastrophic, I will dish out the $20+ for this gem.

From Julep:

Bare Face Cleansing Oil: This lightweight, antioxidant-rich cleanser gently and thoroughly dissolves makeup, dirt, and excess oil without over-drying skin, then rinses clean with no oily residue. Recommended for all skin types.

Features & Benefits:
  • Enriched with Julep’s proprietary Power Cell Complex™, a trio of skin-boosting superstars
1) Rosehip seed oil – a nourishing oil (and natural source of vitamins A and C) that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and post-acne marks. Contains natural fatty acids that bond moisture to skin
2) Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ – a lipid complex that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration and works to rebuild skin structure from the inside out
3) Green coffee bean oil – a natural anti-inflammatory that promotes cell turnover
  • Formula includes grapeseed oil, a natural antioxidant that protects skin from harmful free radicals, and olive oil, a natural source of vitamin E that softens and helps prevent post-cleansing dehydration



Review! Julep Maven August Box

8 Aug



I love the Julep Maven Box!  I’m shallow, I really like the packaging.  I like how everything is all pretty and matchy.  Totally worth the $20.00 /month price tag, yes?

The theme for this month was flowers 🙂

And my add on was …. Forget Me Not Seeds.  I will plant these at home at some point.  Maybe in the winter, when I’m wishing for spring.

Julep2 Julep1


I already used this yellow polish.  It reminds me of candy eggs, like the Cadbury kind.  I want to eat my fingers.   Ok, kidding.  I will probably love this color for spring next year 

The blue is super deep.  It will look amazing on my toesies.  Can’t wait!

The beauty product this month? Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick.  $22.00 or $17.60 if you are a Maven,

I haven’t used it as a friction protection yet.  Since I’m mostly living in sandals and flip flops, I ‘m not having angry feet.  But, this works nicely as a foot moisturizer.

What did you think of this month’s Maven box?


Julep Maven Box!!!! My (Anna’s) FREE intro box.

5 Jun


Kassi found out about Julep giving away a free introductory beauty box.  We posted about it here, in case you missed it.

 We love free and we love nail polish, so we both ordered it.  I received mine on Monday, but I’m just getting around to writing a review.  Sorry!!!! Continue reading